Cher Horowitz, Take a Bow

5 Aug

Roughly this time last week I was coming out of the whinging binge regarding classes and the lack there of. I felt unable to get the classes I wanted because of my transfer status and the fact that most of them were already closed. Well, most being half. Half out of four I’ll need, and two labs on top. Just writing that makes me wonder what kind of crack I’m smoking.

Fortunately, I did my best Cher and got in touch with the professors of the closed classes to squeeze in. In addition to calling and emailing, I visited their (empty) offices. Email was the most successful and both professors contacted me within a few days of messaging them. Now I get to drop the stupid classes (really, speech 101? or some such nonsense. I must have really been panicking, because it feels like much more than week has passed since that hectic day of scrambling for classes.

So this is my reminder. Don’t do it. Don’t fall for the games that some universities play, riling up students into a frothy mess feeling some manufactured burden of necessity and doubt. DON’T DO IT.


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