Easy Coconut Carrot Soup

23 Aug

So I was griping the other day about lack of recipes and mentioned I might try adding some. I don’t have pictures, but hopefully you’ll trust me. Anything I’ll publish will be worth attempting.

This is a soup of my own making. It also happens to be very delicious, very filling, and very healthy- and low calorie to boot. I know, it sounds impossible, but it’s true! Here’s how it goes…

one largish pot (if it can hold half a gallon it’ll be tight, but should work)
a knife suitable for chopping
a cutting board for chopping
a regular capacity blender

8 large carrots
half an onion (red preferably, but use whatcha got.)
1 t of minced garlic (or two garlic cloves)
half a can of coconut milk, unsweetened. not lite.
one T of butter (can be skipped!)
two T of EVOO
4 sun-dried tomato bits
and water

Heat the oil and butter in your large pot on medium heat. When it’s hot, toss in your chopped onion and garlic. Listen to the pleasant sizzle. Give them a good stir and while they are a softening, mince your sundried tomato and chop your carrots (if you haven’t already). Add the tomato and give it a good stir. Add the carrots once the garlic and onions have softened, but before the garlic can burn. Swoosh the carrots around so that they are coated in the oil and opening up their flavor. I also added one T of salt at this point. It turned out to be pretty salty until I tempered it with the coconut milk, but I tend to like things less salty, so it might be perfect for you. Let it all simmer for three or four minutes.

Add some water! I only add enough to cover the carrots. Bring the water to a boil. When it’s burling set it to simmer on low-med heat. Let it go for about 20 minutes.

Pour the liquid and veggies into the blender- liquid first and then scrape the veggies if you like. The first time I did this I strained the liquid first to avoid being burned, but if you use caution, you can avoid being burned in one go.

Blend all the goodies to the consistency you prefer. Depending on how much water you added it will be thicker or thinner. Don’t forget you still have to add the coconut milk, so it’ll be thinned out. In the blending process the veggies might get stuck. If you intend to shake the blender or dislodge the contents with a spoon (while of course the blender is NOT RUNNING) then please be careful. I got splattered with hot soup today because of unforeseen air pockets in the blender. Not fun.

After this, you can pour the blended stuff back into your pot and add one cup of coconut milk. Feel free to add the whole can (since you’ll have coconut milk left over) but as much as I love the creamy, richness of the coconut milk (I have eaten the whey with a spoon before) I wanted the soup to have more balance.

This recipe makes about 7 8oz cups. Each 8 oz cup has 177 calories, that’s with the butter, so it’ll be a little less if you go vegan style. If you like carrots and coconut, you’ll love this. Go nuts!


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